Top 3 Reasons Why Exercise Bikes Are Perfect For Winter Workouts

  • June 17, 2017
Top 3 Reasons Why Exercise Bikes Are Perfect For Winter Workouts

Don't believe the hype of exercising only during the spring. While spring training is necessary, exercising through the winter will give you the motivation and confidence to become a better cyclist. That's why it's important to utilize an exercise bike during the winter.

Throughout this article, we want to give you the top 3 reasons on why exercise bikes are perfect for winter workouts. They increase your strength, burn calories, and conditions you for the spring. Our goal is to give you reasons to get ready and stay active during winter training.

Increased Strength

Winter is the classic time for bicycle training. Riding for long Zone 2 sessions during the winter is a great way to stay in shape. Zone 2 is an intense exercise routine where you cycle around 70% of your maximum heart rate.

Increased Strength With Workout

Also, exercising during the winter increases the size and production of mitochondria flowing through your body. This helps you ride faster and increase your aerobic range before hitting your threshold.

When using an ​stationary bike through the winter, you're more likely to wear heavier gear. Since most of your biking gear will be heavier, you'll start to gain muscular and strength during the process.

Quick Calorie Burning

When the temperatures start to drop, your metabolism begins to rise so that you can burn more calories. Most exercises tend to lose the calorie burning effect during the winter. However, that's not the case for bike riding.

Quick Calorie Burning

While exercising, your body is exposed to nonshivering thermogenesis (NST). NST accounts for the shivering that occurs when your body is trying to regulate to the temperature of the environment.

Riding an exercise bike in mildly chilly temperatures triggers the NST. During this process, your metabolism increases by up to three times. This allows for you to burn fat not only while you're on the bike but also burn calories when you're at complete rest.

Spring Preparation

Studies have shown that cyclists who practice during the winter are more likely to win races during the spring. People who workout only during the spring are at a huge disadvantage.

They are missing out on five months of training that could improve their biking speed, performance, and overall health.

Exercising for the winter will help you keep your body in good condition.

Spring Preparation

Once you remove your heavy biking gear and your 28mm tires you'll be ready to perform at your maximum performance during the spring.


Getting prepared for the spring is no easy task. Exercise bike training during the winter helps you prepare by giving you the perfect blend of mental toughness and physical strength.

Ultimately, you should consider using an exercise bike if you want to utilize your winter training. You'll be fresh and ready to go once spring starts!

Do you have any experience using an exercise bike for winter training?

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