The Best Home Fitness Equipment To Start Your Weight Loss Journey

  • December 21, 2017
The Best Home Fitness Equipment To Start Your Weight Loss Journey

For many of us, the thought of joining a gym or exercising out in public can be enough to turn us off the idea altogether.

However, with a competitive market of durable and effective home fitness equipment tools available, there’s no need to leave your house to get a full body workout that can rival any commercial fitness center.

Exercise Bike

Many people love the thrill of riding a bike and the intense workout that they can get from it, however, for many of us the reality of riding in the city or avoiding harsh weather means we just don’t get the opportunity.

Exercising while watching TV

With an exercise bike, you can simulate any hill or distance to get all of the exercise benefits that come with a cardio intense stationary bike ride.


If you like the convenience of cardio at home, a treadmill will be an excellent addition to your home gym. Treadmills these days come with so many added benefits that can track calories, speed, weight loss, and even provide overall health management systems.

home workout on treadmill

You can increase speed and incline to provide a new and challenging workout with every use.

Push-Up Bar

These relatively new devices were designed to add an element of comfort to the traditional push-up. The bonus, though, is that push up bar gives you a wider range of movement that allows for a more intense and deeper push-up bar than you could perform without one.

push-up bars workout

Not only great for working out your arms, but you can also get creative with your push up bar to target other areas of your body too, including handstand push-ups and high leg push-ups.

Jump Rope

Skipping rope is one of the most effective cardio workouts available. Just a few minutes of jumping rope can raise your heart rate significantly and prepare you for an epic strength workout.

jump rope workout

There is a range of routines and fun tricks to master as well, and thanks to its fun nature you’ll sometimes forget that you’re exercising at all.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands do just as their name suggests and provide a level of resistance to standard exercises.

resistance band leg workout

 Not only can you add these miracle bands to your regular workout routine, but they’re also useful for stretching post workout and to aid in recovery and rehabilitation. They come in a variety of resistance levels so can be adjusted to meet any level of fitness.


The equipment you choose for your home gym should suit your desired results, so be sure to have clear goals in mind for your fitness journey.

Whether it’s strength or cardio, balance or endurance, there’s home fitness equipment available for every goal, and with the saturated market, these devices are now greater value for money than ever before.


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