Essential Treadmill Accessories To Help Your Workouts

Essential Treadmill Accessories To Help Your Workouts

Treadmills are generally simple exercise machines that are easy to use for just about anyone.

But while treadmills may not be very complicated, there are numerous accessories you can use both with and alongside a one to do everything from boosting results, to making your workouts more convenient.

We’ve identified six essential treadmill accessories that are considered crucial to have if you own a treadmill, which spans aspects like maintenance, floor protection, and of course fluid intake.

As lovers of workout accessories, we’ve also picked out a wide range of additional product ideas you can add to your home gym treadmill setup, which will certainly go a long way in creating a better experience on your treadmill, mixing things up and helping keep you motivated in the process.

Let’s begin by first going over the items you need to have on hand no matter what, and then move onto the more optional choices.

Essential Accessories

Whether you’re looking to purchase a treadmill, or already have one in your home, these are the things you’ll need right off the bat.

Water Bottle

This might be the most obvious, but we’ll go over it anyway.  The most important thing to be mindful of when working out is staying hydrated, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re exercising inside, outside, in the heat, the cold, whichever.

water bottle

Maintaining fluid intake replenishes what you’re losing when working out, and also keeps your joints lubricated. There’s, of course, a lot of other reasons, but you get the gist.

So, when using a treadmill at home, it may be tempting just to keep a glass of water or sports drinks nearby, but you’re already at a disadvantage. Using a water bottle will make your life a lot easier.

With that said, if you don’t already have one, you need to go ahead and do so. It’s not hard to find good water bottles out there, including bottles that let you measure your drink of choice.

Either way, you’ll have your fluids available in a much easier format that doesn’t require you to stop running or walking.

Cup Holder

This seems like the next logical step, right? Unless your treadmill is located right next to some sort of ledge, a cup holder is the only way to keep your drinks within reach when using the treadmill.


These days, most treadmills come with cupholders already built in, but if you're using an older model or a cheaper one that barely has any features, you’ll need to buy an auxiliary cup holder that you can freely mount wherever you’d like. In fact, some may prefer that anyway.

Treadmill Mat

In case you didn’t know already, treadmills are kind of heavy. And whether you’re using one on the carpet, or on a hardwood floor, the potential for floor damage is always there -- or at least huge imprints that take forever to go away once you’ve moved the treadmill.

exercise mat

Treadmill mats are products that look similar to yoga mats, only bigger, and probably a little thicker and more durable.

These mats will protect your flooring, prevent odd-looking imprints, and just about whatever else your treadmill may do to the floor.

If you care at all about protecting your floor, and also perhaps creating a flatter, more stable space for your treadmill, a treadmill mat is an absolute must.

Replacement Belts

As we’ve said, treadmills are somewhat simple machines for the most part. You have the console, the rails, the platform, the belt, and the wheels that turn the belt. Not all that much to worry about.

replacement belt

The thing is, even though that treadmill belt of yours is made of a very durable material such as rubber, it will eventually get stretch out a little, and maybe even torn or warped. Because of this, you’ll need to have a replacement belt on hand (or maybe even two.)

By keeping a backup on you, there’s no worry of missing a few days of your workout routine if you have to end up ordering a new belt out of the blue.

Belt Lube

Sticking with the maintenance aspect for a few more of these. Belt lube is sometimes needed to keep the belt and wheels operating smoothly and thus providing a smooth, stable, and reliable running surface for your treadmill.

belt lube

Belt lube is very cheap, easy to use every month or two, and does a lot to prevent issues down the road. Make sure you have some.

Cleaning Kit

Yay, more fun maintenance products. Still, they are necessities.

treadmill cleaning

Treadmills can get pretty dirty over time, whether it’s from sweat, spilled drinks, dust, or whatever else may occur your treadmill during its lifetime. Having a reliable cleaning kit will make the cleanup process much more bearable, and also protect your treadmill.

These kits often have soft rags, brushes, and sometimes cleaning solution that is safe to use on everything from the belt, to the gears, and even the motor.

Unless you want to risk having a dirty treadmill that may eventually have problems, get yourself a nice little cleaning kit to keep on hand.

Surge Protector

Now here’s something not everyone initially thinks of. While you may typically think of televisions and computers as the gadgets needing surge protectors in your home, a treadmill can benefit from one just as much.

surge protector

This mainly has to do with the treadmill’s electronic console and computer, but it can also protect the entire unit from a short in the event of a power surge.

A surge protector can also keep the unit powered during a power flash, which can often save any stored data and statistics that are on the computer.

Media/Entertainment Accessories

Unless you want to run in silence, or while staring off at the wall, media and entertainment accessories can go a long way in making your workout times less monotonous, and perhaps even let you watch your favorite shows and movies, or maybe read a magazine or newspaper.

Bluetooth Headphones Or Earbuds

Most people will already have some sort of headphones or earbuds, but they’re worth mentioning. While most any earbuds or headphones will do, Bluetooth-enabled products are a lot easier to use when you’re running on a treadmill, thanks to the lack of a cord.

bluetooth earbuds

In case you didn’t already know, working out is almost always easier and more entertaining when you have something to listen to. This can be anything from music to audiobooks, to podcasts, whatever.

Unless you want to crank your radio or television to full blast to hear over your treadmill, this is the way to go. And throwing in the cordless aspect is just the cherry on top.

Floor Stands

A floor stand can be set up next to your treadmill, or in front. Whichever place you set it up, these stands can hold pretty much whatever you want to put on them.

floor stand next to treadmill

This can include a better place for your phone that’s closer for your cords to reach, a magazine, a laptop, whatever you need to place on one. The possibilities are endless. These stands are usually pretty cheap, and very versatile.

Tablet/Phone Holder

More and more people are choosing to use their smartphones and tablets to watch videos, movies, and television during their workouts, and the treadmill is one of the best places to do just that.

phone holder

The treadmills of old existed long before this craze hit, so finding a good spot to place your phone or tablet near the console safely usually isn’t very easy, or even doable at all. Newer treadmills often have slots just above the console for this, but not all.

If you’re one of those people lacking an integrated way to hold your phone or tablet at an ideal location to view while on the treadmill, a separate clip-on tablet/phone holder can be a quick and easy fix that turns the space above your console into a fully adjustable media center -- and for cheap.


Another modern convenience we have these days is the rampant availability of a slew of fitness apps that can help us keep track of progress, create workouts, hold friends and family accountable, and even do virtual runs in locations across the world.

fitness apps

Depending on your phone or tablet, you can access several different apps that will offer many ways to boost the effectiveness of your workouts, and of course, track your progress.

Newer treadmills often have ways to integrate these apps, but not all.

Either way, an inexpensive fitness app on your phone or tablet can certainly do a lot to make your workouts more engaging and effective, and help you see any gains or losses you’re making currently.

At least give a few a try, there are plenty of free ones out there too.


Here are a few accessory suggestions that can help create a more convenient workout atmosphere on your treadmill.

Cooling Towels

The old-fashioned types out there may be satisfied with any basic towel during their exercising, but cooling towels are on a whole different level.

cooling towels

These light, airy towels come in many different varieties, but all of them offer the same function: a wearable way to keep you dry and cooler during exposure to heat, or during intense workouts.

The majority of cooling towels are made to be soaked in water and then wrapped around either your head or neck, providing simple cooling relief that can last the entire duration of your workout.

These things can make a big difference for those that don’t enjoy getting too hot and sweaty, so go check them out.


Nothing beats a nice breeze on your body and face when working out, but when using a treadmill indoors, you don’t have that luxury.

activating treadmill fan

Some treadmills come with built-in fans, but it’s kind of random as to whether or not you’ll find one, even on some of the most expensive models.

This leaves you with a few different options, ranging from dragging in a floor-standing fan and aiming at you, to a smaller tabletop fan placed on a stand nearby.

For maximum convenience and aiming ability, we suggest a clip-on fan that will fit in your treadmill’s railing or console.


For the ultimate way to stay in shape while getting things done, an external desk placed on and around your treadmill offers users a way to do everything from type on a laptop to writing, and even taking conference calls.

treadmill dest

Treadmill desks are perfect additions for anyone pressed for time, or simply looking for a way to get some extra exercise in while simultaneously doing office work. Think of it like taking a standing desk a few literal steps further.

Treadmill desks are easy to find these days, but you may have to shop around for awhile before finding a model that will fit around your treadmill perfectly.

Workout Accessories

Treadmills are versatile, so you have several different ways of using other workout equipment and accessories to create more intense workouts, while still staying on that running board.


When using a treadmill, your hand are often completely free, so why not put them (and your arms) to work?

treadmill workout with dumbbells

Doing some light dumbell lifts, or even just running while holding them can provide a major boost to your calorie burning, and add some toning effects as well, all while multitasking.

Ankle Weights

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Ankle weights are an efficient way to add some difficulty to your running.

ankle weights workout

Combining them with a treadmill workout can pay huge dividends over time, but make sure you aren’t overstressing the running board or exceeding weight limit.


Hopefully, by now you have some better ideas to not only make sure you have the essentials for your treadmill exercises, but also plenty of extra to add some variety, keep yourself entertained or ramp the intensity of your workouts.

We recommend considering at least a few extra accessories. Good luck!