Exercise Biking For Senior Citizens

  • June 17, 2017
Exercise Biking For Senior Citizens

There are two forms of bikes that can be used for home exercise. They are upright stationary bikes and recumbent bikes. For senior citizens, there are several benefits of recumbent bikes that they should be aware of.

If you are a senior citizen and plan on losing weight, having a recumbent bike is a great investment.

In this article, we'll thoroughly review on how a recumbent bike helps senior citizens keep their bodies in good shape.

Multiple Workout Options

Whether you're a marathon runner or on a doctor monitored cardio exercise program, there is a workout for you.

Workout on exercise bike

You can do a simple level riding routine which is suitable for most elderly people. Alternatively, you can do a mountain workout which is great if you need a more complex routine.

Easy On The Joints

Remember, as we age, our bodies tend to get weaker. Seniors need to partake in exercises with low impact to reduce the risk of injury. Exercise bike offers this advantage by providing a comfortable space for them to workout and being light on the joints.

Having the pedals placed in front of you reduces the impact on the knees, feet, ankles, and joints. This is a huge advantage over traditional exercise bikes where the pedal is placed below you.

As a result, upright exercise bikes forces you to pedal downward causing more force on your lower body.

Low Center Of Gravity

With upright exercise bikes, the user has to stand on one pedal. They then have to swing their other leg over the exercise bike to reach the other pedal. While this is considered an easy motion, this can be dangerous for senior citizens.

Senior Riding Exercise Bike

That's where the recumbent bikes step in. With this bike, the rider just has to turn on the exercise machine and sit down. This helps prevent leg injuries or falling off the stationary bike. Which is why most senior gym members tend to use recumbent bikes to help during their workout.

Easily Adjusted

As we stated earlier, upright stationary bikes require a great deal of effort senior citizens. It can be a complicated process for them because they have to pull out the pin, readjust the seat, and then reattach the pin.

The best thing about recumbent bikes is that they allow the user to sit down, turn the handle to position the seat, slide the seat to their desired setting and then tighten the knob.

Recumbent bikes are great because they allow senior citizens to adjust their setting to their liking without the hassle of an upright bike.

Women Cycling


Understand that recumbent bikes are made to help the elderly reach their physical goals. When you become old, it doesn't mean you can sit and relax every day. You need to continuously exercise safely to ensure that you'll have a healthy heart.

Ultimately, you should look into ​stationary bikes if you are a senior citizen looking to get the most out of their workout.

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