Resistance Training at Home: Definition, Benefits, and Examples

  • April 7, 2020

If you’ve had any exposure to the fitness world, you have surely heard the phrase “resistance training” being thrown around. Everyone touts a resistance training exercise routine but what exactly is in it for you? Is it really the best use of your fitness time? In short, the answer is yes! Resistance exercise works major muscle groups building strength and lean muscle. And, depending on the exercise you do, you may not even need any gym equipment.

We are going to give you a comprehensive beginner’s guide to a resistance training workout. First, we’ll explain what it is. Then, we’ll explain the benefits and give you some beginner examples of resistance training exercises you can do at home.

What Is Resistance Training? 

Resistance training exercises are actually quite a broad area of fitness. Simply put, it is when your muscles are forced to contract while some other force offers resistance to this contraction. By making it harder to contract your muscles, you are challenging them and thereby strengthening them and building muscle mass. This is essentially what most forms of strength training are. By adding pressure, you are allowing your body to do what it takes to grow muscle strength. 

Resistance training actually encompasses a whole range of exercises. From weights, to resistance bands, to body weight, to much more. If it is offering your muscles resistance, it is a form of resistance training. 

So, if you think that resistance training exercises aren’t easy to do for an at-home workout, know that what matters is how you structure your workout and what exercises you choose to do. It is such a broad category that picking an area of fitness that works for you and committing to it is the way to go. 

What Are the Benefits? 

The benefits of resistance training sessions, as with most exercise, are vast. From your mental to physical health, there is something to be said for making exercise part of your daily routine. 

Let’s start with the most obvious benefits – the physical. Resistance training builds muscle over time. If you are consistent and stick to it, you can lift more and your muscles become more defined. Of course, this is a great thing for your physical appearance but it is also excellent for your health. Not to mention all the calories you burn daily. 

Let’s also talk about the mental benefits of consistent resistance training. It has been well proven that exercise makes you happier. There’s the sense of satisfaction you get from completing a tough workout, of course, but your body actually releases many important chemicals through exercise, such as endorphins and dopamine. Both of these are known as “feel good” chemicals in the brain, to use a simple term. 

Additionally, exercise helps build a routine and give you something to strive toward each day. By having these constant goals and rewards, you feel a real sense of motivation. You see your goals unfold right before your eyes and you keep feeling rewarded as you pass those milestones. 

For these reasons and more, resistance training truly holds more benefits than just the obvious strength building. No matter how you choose to structure your strength training routine, the important thing is setting a goal and sticking to it. Resistance training only shows noticeable results through consistent, focused effort. Don’t expect it all to come at once but through consistent effort and patience, you can reap all of these physical and mental rewards.  

Drawbacks of Resistance Training

Of course, we are interested in presenting a balanced take on things so here are some drawbacks of resistance training. It would be easy to say “there are none” and leave it at that, but that’s a bit simplistic. 

Realistically, a good workout routine has to work with your preferences. You should enjoy what you do. Of course, it won’t be enjoyable every day but you should have an exercise routine you are somewhat excited about. Resistance training may not be for you. We would not recommend abandoning exercise entirely but there is always the option of focusing on cardio, playing a sport, doing yoga, or a vast wealth of alternatives tp resistance training. 

Overall, it’s about finding what works for you, whether it is a resistance training or strength training workout or something else. Just remember, you need to set goals and stick to a routine. You won’t be excited about your exercise routine every single day which is why it is so important to develop habits

Examples of Resistance Training at Home

To round out this article, we are going to present you some examples of resistance training you can do at home. As mentioned above, the options are pretty extensive but these basic exercises are a good place to start: 


From free weights to barbells to a kettlebell, there’s really no end to the type of weights you can use for resistance training. Try to find a weight training routine that works for you – there sure are a lot out there. We recommend that you pick a routine and stick to it for a while and perhaps consult a personal trainer if you are unsure. 

There are numerous weight exercises such as bicep curls, bench press, shoulder press, military press, and much more. 

Recommended Weights for Home Workouts

Adjustable Dumbbells

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Body Weight

Bodyweight exercises are great because they don’t require any equipment most of the time, just you and a willingness to work hard! These resistance exercises use the weight of your own body to provide the resistance. You use your muscles to push against the resistance provided by nothing but yourself. 

Examples of bodyweight workouts includes push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, and planks. Workout Mats are great to prevent carpet burns while doing exercises on the ground.

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Tubing & Resistance Bands

Resistance tubing is another great idea for a home workout. You can attach the tubes to something or even stand on them and then work against the resistance of the bands to get a work out in. The great thing about these tubes is they have many different exercises in one. There are ways to rig up the tubes to do exercises that work out the entire body. 

Resistance Tubes & Bands

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Whichever of these resistance exercises sounds great to you, make sure that you commit yourself to a schedule. You will see results with patience, energy, and effort. You might even find that you really enjoy it!  

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