How Push Up Bars Can Add To Your Upper Body Workout

How Push Up Bars Can Add To Your Upper Body Workout

  • January 22, 2018
How Push Up Bars Can Add To Your Upper Body Workout

​Push-ups are often considered one of the most daunting exercises one can perform as they place a strain on your hands and arms, and traditional push-ups can also limit the range of motion you can get from this movement.

​This is where the push-up bar comes in, a popular way to decrease the damage to your wrists and hands and allow you to start your push up from a higher surface and get lower to the ground.

​Pros ​And Cons ​Of Push Up Bars

​There are a few reasons why people prefer to use push up bars to assist with their push-ups, including:

  • ​Comfort in the hands and wrists that can be common with push-ups, particularly when performing a large amount;
  • ​Ability to reach a wider range so effectively giving you a greater workout;
home workout with push-up bars

On the flip side, though, there can be disadvantages to using this device:

  • ​Some see it as just another unnecessary piece of equipment to add to your already overstocked gym, so be sure you need it before your purchase;
  • ​Due to the fact you’re lowering further than a regular push up, there are safety concerns to consider due to the strain on your shoulders;

​Before deciding if you should invest in your own set up push up bars, be sure to consider the pros and cons of what this device can offer you.

​Push Up Bar Workout Ideas

​Capable of more than just the standard push up, there is a range of push up bar workout ideas that can target other areas of your body just as effectively.

workout ideas with push-up bars

​Why not try one of these suggestions when working out with your push up bar:

​Idea 1

​While performing a standard push up, try resting your feet on a chair or other item that will place them higher than your head. This variation helps to target muscles in your chest, arms and back by forcing them to carry more of the load.

​Idea 2

​Handstand push-ups can be performed by placing your hands on the bar and resting your feet against a wall while in an upright position.

​This handstand formation will engage your entire body as it works to support your whole weight but be cautious; these are not for beginners.

​Idea 3

​Place your push up bar on a solid surface to perform dips with a push-up bar and give your arms their special workout.

​How To Identify Best Push Up Bars

​For great value for money and durable construction, CAP Barbell Push Up Bars can offer power and position to help you with your workout.

​Made from chrome plated metal and covered with padded handles, they offer both comfort and strength to assist you in performing push-ups.

​This push-up bar will be able to perform a range of exercises so it can target more than just your arms, and will add a unique spin to regular and mundane push-ups.

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