What Is Pre Workout And How Can It Maximize Your Fitness Results

What Is Pre-Workout And How Can It Maximize Your Fitness Results

  • February 18, 2018
What Is Pre-Workout and How Can It Maximize Your Fitness Results

The importance placed on pre-workout is relatively new to the fitness world, but it’s an idea that makes a lot of sense. While people have debated for years about the best foods to eat before you exercise or whether you should eat at all, the world of pre-workout supplements is continuing to grow.

So, what is pre-workout? A pre-workout supplement or pre-workout food is something you consume to help give an added boost to your fitness regime. Depending on the type of results you’re after or the length and difficulty of your workout, there is a range of options available to give you that extra edge.

Pre-Workout Supplements

With so many pre-workout supplements on the market, it can be hard not to get lost. Not only do pre-workout supplements contain a hefty list of confusing ingredients, but they’re also marketed quite similarly with names that boast their results in a very aggressive way.

According to BodyBuilding.com, there are four main ingredients that you should look for in a quality pre-workout supplement. By starting with these four and adding extra ingredients as your needs progress, you can be sure you have the adequate baseline for a quality pre-workout supplement.


One of nature’s greatest energizers, caffeine is consumed by many Americans regardless of their fitness needs. In a pre-workout supplement, though, caffeine is the key ingredient that allows for a maximum burst of energy in a short amount of time.

caffeine as pre-workout supplement

If you drink coffee regularly, you may need a little more than the average person, so adjust this accordingly. Also, you’ll need to be cautious about when you’re consuming this supplement ingredient as it will likely keep you up at night if taken too late.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

A complicated name for a high impact component, BCAAs help to foster an anabolic environment. Leucine, isoleucine, and valine are the three types of BCAAs that suppress the breakdown of protein and increase protein synthesis.

bcaa as pre-workout supplement

This ingredient is crucial for those who weightlift and are looking to build muscle. A bonus, this stuff helps to reduce the sore body you get the day after a workout, so you’re ready for action again the next day.


This ingredient allows your body to maintain intensity over longer periods so you won’t become fatigued and worn out halfway through your session. This ingredient is the key factor in helping you push through the extra rounds that just wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

beta alanine as pre-workout supplement

Creatine Monohydrate

Try to imagine creatine monohydrate as Popeye’s spinach. This ingredient is the one thing that will help you gain super strength so that you can perform those tough lifts.

creatine as pre-workout supplement

Creatine doesn’t have to be taken just as a pre-workout supplement, though, and there’s evidence to suggest it may even have more effect if consumed well before a workout.

Pre-Workout Food

Without the correct pre-workout food, your blood sugar will drop significantly leaving you dizzy and fatigued during your workout. Without any energy, your workout will suffer, so you should consider pre workout just as important as the exercise itself.

According to Men’s Fitness, pre-workout nutrition is all about finding the correct type of food which can maximize gains, offer sustainable energy, and won’t leave you feeling sick.

These are some of the top foods that can tick all the boxes for a pre-workout snack or pre-workout drink:

best pre-workout foods
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    Whole grain bread: Thanks to the slow-burning carbohydrates, whole grain bread can help sustain you through a workout. You can top your bread with turkey, honey, or hard boiled eggs for added protein and energy.
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    Yoghurt and fruit: For a tasty pre-workout snack that’s packed with protein, try some Greek yogurt topped with a range of different fruits. The carbs from the fruit can be used for a quick energy fix, whereas the protein factor will allow for your muscles to repair.
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    Whole oats: These dense fiber wonders will cause a steady flow of energy that can help you push through longer workouts. If you don’t have time for a full meal, just one cup of oats can be snacked on before a workout or added to a protein shake.

With any pre-workout snacks, make sure that you consume these a minimum of 30 minutes before exercise. When to take pre-workout will depend on the food you’re eating.

However, if you eat too close to your session, you won’t be able to reap the benefits. Also, you’ll feel full and sluggish during your workout which will further affect your ability to exercise with agility.

How To Choose The Best Pre Workout

Deciding on the best pre-workout will depend on a range of factors, including workout style, time, and convenience. If you need a pre-workout snack on the run, you can opt for whole oats or a banana. For days when you have time to prepare, you might like to boil an egg and serve it with some wholegrain bread.

Regarding supplements, again it will depend on the type of workout you’re doing and what results you’re after. By sticking to the top 4 ingredients in pre-workout supplements, you can add any extra elements later that will cater to your desired results.

Pre-workout will continue to gain popularity as its results continue to be seen. For the best results when working out, try to combine a healthy mix of pre-workout supplements and pre-workout food to reach your maximum energy level.

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