The Benefits Of A Kettlebell Workout

Originating from Russia and initially used in military training exercises, the kettlebell is now one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment in modern times.

​During a kettlebell workout, you’re performing a mix of cardio, strength, and flexibility exercises so it’s one of the most efficient tools you can use.

Whether you have a home gym setup or visit your fitness center regularly, no space should be complete without a kettlebell.

There are so many variations to kettlebell workout routines that can target single areas of your body or give you an allover workout. The benefits of these simple and affordable devices are numerous, and they give more versatility than most items in the gym.

Whether you’re looking to perform an arm, leg, or core workout, the kettlebell can be incorporated into a fun and rigorous routine. Because you’re getting a blend of both cardio and strength from the one piece of equipment, there’s no reason not to equip your home gym with one of these amazing tools.

Benefits Of Kettlebells For Exercise

For years now, the kettlebell has been recognized as one of the most effective tools for working out, and almost every personal trainer will add one to their workout routine for clients. Here are just a few reasons why kettlebells are a great piece of fitness equipment to have in your home gym.

kettlebell benefits


Having a kettlebell in your home gym is a great return on investment, as one of these simple devices can cost as low as $20 for the lighter weights. They can be used for so many different exercises and in various ways, so they’re extremely adaptable.

Cardio, Strength, And Flexibility

Not only are you getting a kettlebell cardio workout with this device, but you’re also strengthening your muscles and improving flexibility at the same time. Not many pieces of fitness equipment can claim the same, making this a truly versatile device.

Fun And Varied

Anyone who’s worked out with a kettlebell will attest to just how much fun they can be. Rather than using weights or skipping ropes, the kettlebell can add some excitement to a boring workout routine and motivate you to go harder.


Kettlebells are compact and convenient, so they’re really the only piece of exercise equipment you ever need. Keep one in your car for workouts on the run, or have a variety of sizes in your home gym.

Suitable For All Ages And Fitness Levels

Kettlebells provide a great low-impact workout that can target any area of your body you require. They come in a range of sizes so even those without much experience can use them as they build up strength.

Kettlebell Leg Workout

The most popular area to work on with a kettlebell is legs, as you use these to propel the weight of the kettlebell in different directions. The Russian Kettlebell Swing targets not only your glutes and legs but also shoulders and back for an effective all-over workout.

leg workout with kettlebell

When performing a kettlebell swing workout you need to ensure the movement comes from your hips and not your arms, so you should be in a relaxed state in your upper body as you work out. This move can be performed by any fitness level, with a simple adjustment of the size of your weight.

  • Begin with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart and grab the handle of your kettlebell with both hands. Keep your palms facing down and your arms in front of your body.
  • ​While you have a slight bend in your knee, lower yourself down slightly and push your hips back.
  • ​Keep your abs tightened and a strong posture in your back, then drive your hips forward and swing the kettlebell. Your arms should be loose and the movement should come from your hips only.
  • ​Come back to the starting position and then lower your kettlebell down in between your legs so that it continues to swing, and repeat the move as many times as required.

Kettlebell Arm Workout

If you’re looking to strengthen your arms or perhaps lose some of the excess weight from this area, a kettlebell arm workout is the most effective way.

arm workout with kettlebell

This particular move is great for toning upper arms, and can also give your core a great workout too. The Figure Eight Kettlebell Swing is a slight variation on a traditional move, and so much fun to do.

  • ​Start again with your feet just wider than hip-width apart (the most common position for kettlebell workouts).
  • ​Slowly squat down to a quarter of the way to the floor and keep your back straight as you do so.
  • ​Grab the kettlebell with your left hand, passing it around your left leg and then through the middle again in a figure eight move.
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    ​Once you get back to the start, switch to your right hand and perform the same move through your right leg making a figure eight.
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    ​Take turns on either side for at least a minute, and aim to increase this time as your gain strength.

The Kettlebell – A Must Have For Your Gym

Owning a kettlebell opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your fitness goals, as with just one device you can now work on your strength, cardio, and flexibility at the same time. The best kettlebell workout is one that engages more of your muscles at once so that you’re performing fewer moves to get the same results.

According to Livestrong, a kettlebell workout is ideal for those looking to add strength without bulking up so it’s especially ideal for women. If you’re looking for an affordable piece of equipment that can make a real difference to your fitness journey then a kettlebell is the device for you.