Exercise Equipment For Home That Will Improve Your Cardio

  • November 7, 2017
Exercise Equipment For Home That Will Improve Your Cardio

Exercise equipment for home is the smarter choice for many, rather than sharing an overcrowded and overpriced gym with strangers who make you feel intimidated as you’re working out.

With a few choice pieces of fitness equipment in your home gym, you’re able to get far greater results than you ever could in a gym.

But how do you know which piece of exercise equipment is right for you? With four main contenders for the most popular fitness equipment, it’s just a matter of considering your fitness goals and requirements and then choosing the machine to cater to them.

Each of the big four has their own unique advantages to the user, and all of them can offer an extremely effective workout that you can do in the comfort of your own home. For anyone serious about their fitness goals, having at least one of these machines in your personal gym is essential for your health and fitness journey.


Arguably the most popular piece of cardio equipment, the treadmill has continued to be a popular choice for home gyms since their first release. Simply put, a treadmill allows you to walk or run in a stationary position so that there’s no need to venture outdoors just to get a solid cardio workout.

home workout on treadmill

Treadmills are best for cardio, however with the addition of other pieces of equipment you are able to get a strength workout too. Generally, though, they’re most popular for beginners as they allow a slow and steady pace that can be adjusted to more difficult levels as you gain strength.

These devices are considered the easiest to use of all the larger pieces of equipment, so they’re ideal for all ages and fitness levels. However, more experience home gym users might find themselves bored with the lack of exercises available from this one machine.

Exercise Bike

An exercise bike is another popular piece of home gym equipment, and almost as common as the treadmill. These devices allow the user to simulate riding a bike while staying in a stationary position, and they can be adjusted to different resistance levels in to increase their difficulty.

exercise bike workout in gym

Exercise bikes are great for not only cardiovascular workouts but strength too. They can improve your posture, the mobility of your joints, and strengthen your bones as well, so they’re extremely versatile beyond just a good workout.

Spin classes have become increasingly popular at gyms, providing a fast and effective way to lose weight using your ​stationary bike.

These incorporate high-intensity intervals and strength training into your cardio workout so that you can shed the pounds faster than ever. For home users, these moves can easily be incorporated into your own fitness regime for quick results.

Rowing Machine

This machine is often avoided at gyms due to people feeling intimidated or unsure about how to use them. However, they offer one of the most effective workouts of all of the big four machines. A rowing machine can burn 300 calories in just 30 minutes, which is far more than a treadmill or bike.

rowing machine workout

Once you have the technique mastered, a rowing machine can be fun and efficient. These devices are especially great for a low impact workout, so they can suit all ages and fitness levels, and even those going through physical rehabilitation.

The best way to work out with a rowing machine is training in intervals and incorporating short bursts of high impact moves with slower, recovery based ones.

 For just half an hour a day, a rowing machine provides a great cardio and strength workout that targets every part of your body.


For a workout that utilizes your entire body but in a far less impactful way than the other machines, the elliptical is the choice for you. These machines are extremely popular at gyms because they’re fun to operate and get great results for the user, and they allow you to simulate walking, running, and stair climbing, all in the one device.

workout on elliptical machine

A standard workout on an elliptical machine burns around 300 calories per half hour, so it’s one of the most effective devices you can use. However, you need to ensure you’re working out with the correct form to guarantee these huge losses and prevent yourself from any injuries.

For the best results from your elliptical, try to work out without holding on the hand rails. This means you’re engaging your core more to give your body strength and stay upright, so it’s working more of your muscle groups than before.

The Verdict

So, which one is the best exercise equipment? Given that each machine offers their own unique benefits and has been designed to cater to different types of users, there’s no one machine that can take the title of the greatest.

Ultimately it’s up to you to decide based on your fitness goals and personal physical requirements.

If you’re new to the workout scene and want a solid piece of equipment for all of your cardio needs, the treadmill or exercise bike is best. However, for something a little different and with more intensity, the rowing machine and elliptical might be the choice for you.

No matter which workout equipment you choose there’s no denying that a good home gym should have at least one of these devices within. With a quality piece of exercise equipment for home, you’re more likely to stay motivated and on track with your fitness goals than if you had to venture out just to exercise.

For the best results, team one of the best cardio machines listed here with strength workouts using kettlebells or weights, so that you’re getting the most effective workout.


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