3 Great Ideas To Fill In The Time While On An Exercise Bike

  • June 20, 2017
3 Great Ideas To Fill In The Time While On An Exercise Bike

If you are unable to get outside for a bike ride or a run, then an stationary bike is a good alternative. Since the weather is somewhat perfect indoors, there’s no excuse to not working out.

We have a few suggestions to help you beat the boredom and make your exercise bike more entertaining.

Safety is your main priority when riding. People who tend to do extra exercises while riding tend to lose quality in their form.

This can be dangerous as they forget to ride properly when focusing on their TV. To avoid this, place your bike at a comfortable setting before attempting any activity on this list.

Reading a Book

First, place your book in an area where you will be able to access it during your workout. If you start to sweat heavily, then you’ll want to have a towel ready.

This prevents your sweat from dripping down onto the book (spotting) and ensures that you keep the book at a safe place.

Reading the book on exercise bike

Next, find and set a comfortable position in your bike seat. Begin to set up your workout program to your desired setting. In this stage, you want to prepare yourself for the exercise by sitting properly and pedaling slowly to start the workout.

Start the workout. We advise you not to read a book until after 3-5 minutes. This allows you to completely warm up and catch your stride before grabbing the book. Doing this ensures that you’ll have a steady riding speed throughout the routine.

Grab your book and place it on the crosspiece of the handlebars. Use both hands to hold onto the book and prevent the book from jostling during your workout. Also, resting it with both hands increases your balance while riding.

Every five minutes, stop reading to scan around the room. You’ll have to take these small breaks to ensure that you can remain riding and reading properly. By the end of the workout, turn off the machine and remove your book from the equipment.

Listening To Music

Listening to music is the easiest activity to do while riding. The music motivates you to ride better while you ride and improves user performance by up to 25%. Take your iPod or any other MP3 player with you to maximize your training efforts.

Listening To Music While On Exercise Bike

Make sure you have the right headphones before attempting this idea. You’ll want to have a pair of small earbuds that stay in your ear. Large headphones are too clunky and can have a negative effect on your riding performance if used.

When riding, keep the music at a respectable volume. Having the volume at a high setting can be dangerous and will distract you from riding correctly. We suggest keeping it at or below half to maintain your riding performance without getting distracted.

Playing A Video ​Game

Playing VR game on exercise bike

Playing video games is a fun complement towards your biking exercise. But, not every game is compatible while working out.

For instance, we suggest avoiding any RPG games of any sort as they require a lot of concentration and can stop you from pedaling altogether.

Buy a quick action or button masher game. Games that require interaction and focus less on accuracy are perfect for bike riding.

Certain games like Tetris allow you to keep your mind stimulated while being simple enough to play.

​Before you play the game, ride at a comfortable speed. For instance, a speed between 15-16mph is a great starting pace before playing your game.

Video games are a fun way to stay entertained while you’re losing pounds and toning your body due to the exercise.


To conclude, we believe that there are a lot of fun activities to do when on a bike. Stay safe, pedal at a steady pace, and get comfortable before trying anything else. Ultimately, killing time while riding a bike is an excellent way to stay in shape.



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