Sole Fitness Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Sole Fitness Recumbent Exercise Bike


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​Fantastic recumbent bike with tons of bells and whistles. A comfortable seat and ride position for satisfaction exercise.

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This Sole fitness recumbent exercise bike is an all-singing recumbent bike that is suitable for commercial applications. In other words, it is a top of the range, premium piece of kit that's great both for gym managers and those looking to bring a gym experience into the home.


The Sole Fitness LCR Light Commercial Recumbent Bike is a recumbent exercise bike. This means that you'll be leaning backward in a comfortable reclined position while pedaling. Right away this has two distinct advantages over the typical upright exercise bike.

The first of these is that it allows you to lean back completely and thus feel a lot more relaxed. If you're interested in reading a book while you cycle or watching a film, then this is a much more convenient way to do that and some people will also just find the position generally more relaxing.

At the same time, recumbent bikes are not weight bearing which means that you aren't holding yourself up with your knees. This is great for those who have weak knees or bad backs and is one of the 'gentlest' ways to get a decent amount of exercise.

Bike Specifications 

Workout Programs: 6

Drive System :  Magnetic resistance

Resistance Levels: 40

Display: 9" LCD Screen

Weight: 157 lbs

Warranty: 3 years for electronics and parts

Maximum User Weight: 300 lbs

Sole Fitness Recumbent Bike Features

This being a 'light commercial' bike, you are getting a lot of additional features packed in here. For starters, you get a pulse grip heart rate monitor and a chest strap heart rate monitor. The former is the type of heart rate monitor you regularly get in gyms and is suitable for casual use with no setup.

The latter is far more accurate but requires some effort and time to set up. Not only does this come with a chest strap heart rate monitor but it is also compatible with other similar devices. So if you already have a fitness tracker you're very fond of, then there's no need to replace that.

Sole Fitness Recumbent Exercise Bike

The system is also highly programmable for custom and guided workouts. It comes with six standard programs and has slots for two custom programs at any one time. It also has two heart rate programs that guide you through workouts based on your exertion. The screen is something to behold as a nine-inch LCD console with a built-in fan for keeping you cool.

There are actually many different features as well as these, though from a built-in sound system to adjustable height to ECB resistance and water bottle holders.

The unit also comes with warranties against defects and lifetime warranties on the frames – so you know they're well-constructed and can be sure you're making a good investment if you're buying these for a business.

What Others Say

Most customers that reviewed this exercise bike were completely pleased with its performances, and they left positive reviews. This recumbent bike showed to be a popular choice among those returning from injuries.

Customers are mostly satisfied with comfort seat and ride position. They are mostly pleased with precise control and would say it has excellent quality overall.

This exercise bike is easy to assemble with nuts, bolts, washers segregated for each assembly phase. It has assembly tools kit included.


Overall, this is a fantastic recumbent bike with tons of bells and whistles. It's a little on the pricier side at just ​under $​2,000 currently but it's sure to get you everything you need for that price.