Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle Review

Keiser M3I Indoor Cycling Bike


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​Well build exercise bike offers tracking for time, distance, calories, power output, and heart rate. Great for HIIT training.

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The Keiser M3 is a premium-range exercise bike that offers smooth operation, great construction and lots of digital features.


The Keiser M3 is a great bike for anyone looking for a workout with all the bells and whistles attached.

This particular model is a little on the pricier side but for that you get some advanced models such as magnetic resistance which offers a better and more even resistance that won't weaken over time.

The bike is well built and actually rather attractive which is surprisingly important for something you're going to be keeping in your home all year round most likely.

Bike Specifications 

Workout Programs: 29

Drive System :   Eddy Current Resistance

Resistance Levels: Infinitely Adjustable Resistance System

Display: One Monitor

Weight: 85 lbs

Warranty: Warranted to the original purchaser, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

Maximum User Weight: 300 lbs


Other than a beautiful look and a great build, this bike is highly customizable to fit your body shape as well as your fitness requirements.

It features not only adjustable handle bars and an adjustable seat but also changeable peddles. The peddles that come with it have clips so that you can use your bike shoes for more speed and a more even leg workout.

Keiser M3I Indoor Cycling Bike

At the more advanced end of the spectrum, the Keiser M3 Plus also comes with an in-built computer capable of some quite impressive calculations to help you monitor your performance.

Specifically, it offers tracking for time, distance, calories, power output and heartrate and lets you see how you have performed throughout your training.

For varying workouts, there is the option to 'change gears' via a lever and this is shown on the backlit LCD screen at all times.

Some other features include:

  • Lightweight
  • Ease of transport
  • Foam-padded seat
  • arrow-circle-right

What Others Say

When you ask other, they all agree that this bike is one of the greatest options on the market. There is a reason why this bike is rated high on everyone's scale. It is a fantastic bike that is very easy to assemble, and it is also easy to maintain since it has a simple flywheel with magnets.

Most customers were impressed with the level of quietness, which can be a factor if you live in a condo. Also, its ability to remain the same after many years and kilometers is impressive.

Overall it is an excellent choice for advanced users and those who miss the road bike during winter months. It is a user-friendly bike that has an impressive appearance, which will make your place look even better, we would recommend this one.

Conclusion: Who is This For?

This bike is ultimately just a very high-end stationary bike. At just under $2,000 currently this is a pricier bike if you want it for home use but with these things you definitely do tend to get what you pay for. For a sturdy bike with great performance and lots of features, this is a small price to pay.