Expresso S3U Interactive Upright Exercise Bike Review

Expresso S3U Interactive Upright Exercise Bike Review


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​With this interactive bike, you will be able to race yourself and outrun dinosaurs in large LCD screen.

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Wondering what 'interactive' means regarding upright bikes? Of course every stationary bike is interactive in as much as you have to interact with it, but in this case, you also get an additional interactive element in the form of a large LCD screen used for viewing virtual reality. This makes the Expresso a fascinating unit that has a unique appeal.


The stand-out feature of the Expresso S3U is undoubtedly the large LCD screen that is used for displaying 30 different 'virtual courses' that allow for riding through computer generated environments.

This means you have a video playing of a view while you ride through that environment which can transport you mentally out of your front room/the gym and into somewhere a bit more inspiring and rewarding.

Bike Specifications 

Workout Programs: 30 Interactive Courses

Drive System :  Dual-Belt Resistance System

Resistance Levels: 30

Display: Two monitors

Weight: 155 lbs

Warranty: Up to 3 years parts, labor and computer

Maximum User Weight: 350 lbs

Because these are interactive, you also get the option to go faster or slower as you please and to feel the elevation change the resistance as you ride. Or if you want something even more motivating, you have the option of experiencing a 'chase' (where you're being pursued by such things as dinosaurs). You can also race ghosts of your best times.

Some more cool features also revolve around the display. For instance, it can be hooked up to the web for competing with others online, and it can display things such as cadence, speed, calories, distance and heart rate, etc. There's an option as well to receive television on the screen which can provide some alternate entertainment.

The bike itself is also a well-constructed piece of equipment that is stable and smooth to ride. This is not a substandard bike with a screen thrown on – rather it is a high-quality bike with an additional, fantastic feature. The dual belt resistance system is particularly useful for providing smooth and challenging resistance, and the seat is adjustable for different heights and body types.

Expresso S3U Interactive Upright Exercise Bike Review

What Other Say

The features of this exercise bike are unparalleled. Despite its high price, this model is very popular among the cyclists. Its features makes him a prefect model for diverse workout experience. 


Currently, the bike is retailing for over $​2,​000 which makes it a very expensive top-of-the-range bike. For that price though, you get a very compelling extra feature which some people will find makes all the difference to their ability to stay motivated.

If you are someone who has struggled to commit to your training in the past, then the option to race yourself and outrun dinosaurs might be just the incentive you need!