Exercise Bike VS Treadmill

  • June 26, 2017
Exercise Bike VS Treadmill

Cardio is one of the best kinds of exercise you can get. In addition to cutting down on your weight, getting adequate cardio exercise can ensure that you live a longer life. Might you wonder how?

Studies have shown that regular cardio exercise significantly reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke. These are two of the leading causes of death in the developed world.

When it comes to cardio exercise, there are two machines which are preferred above all others. These two machines are the exercise bike and the treadmill.

Whenever it comes down to exercise bike vs. treadmill, there are always valuable arguments on both sides. Today, we will finally see which one is best.

While it can certainly be up to a measure of personal preference, there are also several empirical reasons why one may be better than the other. We will attempt to delve into these reasons and give you the justification to which option is better when comparing exercise bike vs. treadmill.

We will be comparing these machines in several categories, and whichever option comes out on top in the majority of categories will be crowned champion of the cardio exercise machines.


Safety is a paramount consideration when you are deciding on the best cardio machine for your home.

Perhaps you have children in the house, and you would like to ensure that they are safe.

Perhaps you would simply like to make sure that you will face less danger to your physical well-being when you exercise.

Whatever the reason, it is important to ensure that your safety is your primary concern when exercising.

When it comes to the treadmill, you can face several unsafe situations. Most modern treadmills feature a cutoff clip.

These cutoff clips are clips which you attach to your clothes and are connected to the treadmill.

Treadmill workout

If you are to fall off of the treadmill or if the clip is yanked out of its socket, the treadmill will automatically power off as a failsafe feature.

Unfortunately, this will only occur once you have fallen and will only prevent further injury after the fact, doing little to prevent a fall in the first place.

Workout on exercise bike

Exercise bikes, on the other hand, have little reason to cause their user to be concerned about their safety. While exercise bikes may look unstable, they are rather well grounded by a large amount of weight in their lower areas.

In addition to these components helping the exercise bike function correctly, they also ensure a low center of gravity, so there is less of a chance of tipping over.

One of the few dangers you can face while using an exercise bike is if you stand on the pedals and fall over.

This is one of the larger risks you face, but you should have little difficulty as long as you mount your exercise bike properly. For this aspect of treadmills or bikes, the exercise bike holds a solid lead.

When it comes to the aspect of safety, you will find that exercise bikes are far superior to treadmills as you will be unable to fall off of your ​stationary bike as easily as a treadmill.

The very idea of treadmills seems conducive to falling, considering that you have a running belt underneath your feet and one misstep can result in a spill.

Winner: Exercise Bike

Workout Effectiveness

When it comes down to workout effectiveness in the battle of stationary bicycle versus treadmill, this is one of the more personal aspects, as different customers will have different preferences for their workout.

Cardio workout safety

We can, however, demonstrate some of the differences between the two machines of calories you burn throughout your workout and the amount of effort that goes into said workout.

When it comes to exercise bikes, you are doing a less intensive workout, but you are also burning fewer calories. ​But still, they are both great choices for performing the HIIT workout.

When working out on an exercise bike, depending on the intensity of your exercise, you will burn anywhere from 600 to 1100 calories over the course of an hour. It is important to consider that most of the strain will be on your leg muscles in this case.

If your leg muscles are powerful, you will find that an exercise bike is an ideal choice for you, as you will be better suited to the workouts. When it comes to treadmills, you will burn more calories for more effort. This is because a treadmill workout is more of a full body workout when compared to the exercise bike.

A treadmill can burn around 700 to 1300 calories per hour, so you have a better range of weight loss. If you are more accustomed to running, you will likely prefer a treadmill.

This category of stationary bike vs. treadmill is a tie as it heavily depends on personal preference. This category is similar to comparing stationary bike vs. treadmill for weight loss, so we will not include that as a separate category.

Winner: Tie (depends on personal preferences)

Entertainment Value

In the next category, we will be examining in our exercise bike vs. treadmill article, we will be examining which of these is better regarding providing an entertaining workout. When it comes to treadmills, all you can do is run in a straight line at different speeds and inclines.

But still, they are both great choices for performing the HIIT workout
Cardio machines value

An exercise bike can be more entertaining when working out because you can try different pedaling techniques and practice your biking. If you would like an exercise machine which helps you perfect your cycling technique, you will find that a ​indoor cycle is an excellent choice.

In this category of exercise bike vs. treadmill, the exercise bike wins out regarding entertainment value.

Winner: Exercise Bike


To conclude the battle of exercise bike vs. treadmill, we have found that the best option for a home workout machine is the exercise bike.

This is due to a combination of safety and entertainment value, but mainly safety. This is because it is far harder to hurt yourself on an exercise bike than on a treadmill.

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