Exercise Bike VS Rowing Machines

  • June 21, 2017
Exercise Bike VS Rowing Machines

Exercise bikes and rowing machines provide a low-impact and no weight bearing cardiovascular workouts. The rowing machine strengthens muscles in the upper and the lower body. The exercise bike is great for improving lower body muscles.

In this quick post, we’re going to compare exercise bikes and rowing machines. In each section, we’ll see which machine is better than the other one in that regard. By the end of this article, you’ll find out which machine is better for you and your exercise routine.

Calories Burned

When it comes to burning calories, the ​stationary bike is the winner. Within an hour, you’ll burn at least 606 calories through an exercise bike.

Burning calories on exercise bike

This is because it forces you to engage your lower muscles and move at a constant speed in comparison to a rowing machine.

Rowing machines provide a good workout, but don’t burn calories as fast as the exercise bike. On average, you’ll burn at least 400 calories in an hour of rowing.

Because of this, the exercise bike is more effective at burning calories in a short time span.

Winner: Exercise Bike

Muscles Used

Rowing machines win in this category. Unlike exercise bikes, they allow you to use your full. The rowing machine is proven to enhance the muscles in your quadriceps, hamstrings, and anterior and posterior deltoids (biceps & triceps).

Workout on rowing machines

One main flaw with the exercise bike is that it only works out the lower body. While this is great for some, this can be a problem for users wanting a complete workout.

Still, the rowing machine utilizes almost every muscle in your body, giving you a more complete exercise.

Winner: Rowing Machine

Exercise Programs

Exercise bikes offer a myriad of apps and exercise routines. For instance, more expensive bikes feature extra settings that allow you do stamina training, strength training and HIIT interval exercises.

Added features on exercise bike

As a result, exercise bikes provide a more versatile range of exercises in comparison to the rowing machine.

Rowing machines are currently limited when it comes to exercise programs. While you can still complete an intensive routine with a machine, it lacks the exercise customization of a bike.

Thus you should opt for an exercise bike if you want to complete a various set of workouts.

Winner: Exercise Bike

The Verdict

Exercise bike workout

The exercise bike is the clear winner. It allows you to create your own workouts, adjust your resistance, and burns calories faster.

Get a exercise bike you’re looking for a cardio routine that you can control.

That being said rowing machines are still useful exercise equipments. Rowing machines help you by working out and enhancing both your upper and lower body.

Try it out if you’re want a simple, yet intensive cardio workout.

​Ultimately, you should incorporate both the exercise bike and the rowing into your daily training. This ensures that you’ll effectively workout each muscle in your body.

In addition, both will help you remove the body fat at a faster rate. Using both exercise machines will keep you in shape while also improving your cardiovascular health.

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