Why Is Exercise Bike Great For HIIT?

Why Is Exercise Bike Great For HIIT?

HIIT training has received a lot of popularity in the recent years. In fact, it was rated #2 in the most popular fitness trends (next to bodyweight exercises). HIIT has gained its popularity because of its effectiveness and positive results.

While there is a multitude of HIIT exercises, exercise bikes are the preferred method for beginners. It allows you to have a high-intensity workout, without placing too much impact on your joints. That’s why you should consider using one as you begin your HIIT routine.

Our main purpose of this article is to teach you how ​stationary bikes are great for HIIT. It’s a simple, yet intensive exercise program that helps build your muscles and strengthen your heart muscles.

By the end of this article, you’ll have enough information to create your HIIT workout plan.

What Is HIIT?

HIIT training

HIIT is an acronym for high-intensity interval training. It’s a training technique where you give a 100% effort through quick bursts of energy.

This is followed by a short and active recovery period. HIIT are intense anaerobic exercises that help you burn calories even after the exercise is finished.

HIIT exercises work by increasing your body’s need for oxygen during your sprinting phase. Then it creates a shortage, which causes your body to demand more oxygen during recovery periods.

Because of this, an afterburn effect is created. It’s referred to as Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). ​

EPOC is one of the main reasons why HIIT exercises are better than steady-state workouts. It allows you to burn fat and calories faster than traditional exercise methods.

Example Of HIIT For Exercise Bike

Here is a simple HIIT 30-minute exercise. First, start off by pedaling at a relaxed pace for 2-5 minutes. Start by pedaling at a low resistance level that’s challenging, yet simple enough to complete. After this warmup session, you are ready to begin your full HIIT workout.

  • ​For 45-60 seconds, place your bike on a high resistance setting and pedal at your maximum speed.
  • ​For 45-60 seconds, lower the resistance setting and allow your body to recover
  • ​You’ll want to repeat this process for 20 intervals.
  • During the last five minutes, pedal at the same relaxed pace as your warm up phase.
  • By the end, you’ll have completed your first HIIT exercise.

Why Is Exercise Bike Better Than Other Cardio Machines For HIIT?

One reason why exercise bikes are better than other machines is because of its low impact. While you could do an HIIT workout on a treadmill, chances are you’ll do more harm than good.

Exercise bike cardio workout

HIIT exercises via treadmills increase the chance that you’ll injure your joints by the end of the session.

​Stationary bikes also provide an easier rest time than the other machines. This is because you’re in full control over your pedaling speed. Simply pedal slower than your normal rate and maintain correct posture.

​Indoor cycle exercise bikes are the best tool for HIIT workouts because your rest time is less intensive and easier to utilize than other machines.


HIIT workouts are the best way to remove calories from your body. It’s 9x faster than other fat burning methods and is a great way to stay in shape. Ultimately, use an exercise bike to ensure that your HIIT training is completed efficiently and safely.

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