Your Complete Guide To Exercise Bike Accessories

Your Complete Guide To Exercise Bike Accessories

In this article, we’ll thoroughly discuss the different bike accessories that you can use during exercise. Each of them have their own strengths and properties that’ll help you improve your skills. By the end of the article, you’ll have enough confidence to buy the right accessories that’s suited to your needs.

We will try to cover some of the most important types of exercise bike accessories and give you the short explanation how can each of them improve you riding experience.

Exercise Bike Pedals

There are three types of bike pedals that can be used on an exercise bike. Each of them are tailored for a different skill level.

For beginners, we suggest using a flat pedal to get used to biking. After a few weeks of exercise, you should exchange them for clipless pedals in order to maximize your performance.

Clipless Pedals

For people training to beat their maximum PRs, clipless pedals is a great choice. The main benefit of clipless pedals ties back to the rider’s performance. Clipless pedals are superior to flat pedals because your entire pedal stroke is utilized.

Clipless Pedals

This means that you won’t waste any watts while pedaling which ensures that you’ll increase your speed.

There is a mechanical application between the pedal and the shoe that helps you pull through the pedal’s backend stroke. Additionally, clipless pedals allow you to add power in your downstroke. This helps by improving your efficiency and speed when cycling downhill.

We suggest using a cycling shoe for clipless pedals. They are designed to keep your feet supported and in a good position when cycling past your maximum speed. To ensure that you stay safe during your ride, you should invest in a pair.

Flat Pedals

Flat Pedals are the most common form of bicycle pedals because of their practicality and ease of use. However, they are often overlooked due to their lack of performance qualities. Because of this, you can use regular training shoes or cyclist shoes when using flat pedals.

Flat Pedals

Many downhill riders tend to like flat pedals because of the freedom they provide. Out of all of the pedals on this list, these give you the chance to exercise without having the pedals restrict your natural range of motion.

Touring Pedals

Touring pedals are a hybrid cross between flat pedals and clipless pedals. It has the durability and versatility of a flat pedal.

Touring Pedal

While at the same time having the speed optimized design of a clipless pedal. You’ll like this if you want an all-purpose pedal to use while training for the next race.

Non-Slipping Mats For Exercise Bike

Remember, your ​stationary bike is a heavy piece of equipment. This means that debris and other components can get stuck to the ground if left unattended. Because of this, you’ll want a non-slipping mat to preserve the quality of the bike.

Non-Slipping Mats For Exercise Bike

Non-slipping mats work by absorbing the energy and the impact of the cycling. You’ll be able muffle the vibration and the noise from your current exercise routine. Giving you the full bike workout without causing too much of a distraction to everyone in the house.

We suggest getting a PVC Non-Slipping mat if you plan on exercising at home. They are more likely to protect your equipment from carpet and floor dust from entering.

Buying PVC mats ensures that you’ll get the most out of your workout while prevent unexpected damage from occurring whilst exercising.

Bike Saddles

Also known as the bike seat, the saddle is another important accessory to have. The three types of bike saddles are cushioning, performance, and mountain-specific saddles. Each of them have their specified use and strengths and can be used to get the most out of your exercise.

Cushioning Saddles

For recreational bikers, cushioning saddles will be a great choice for you. Cushioning saddles have plush padding and is wide enough to provide a substantial level of support.

Cushioning Saddles

Alternatively, you can opt for a seatpost with extra springs if you need a bike with extra comfort.

Professional Saddles

Are you planning on racing or tracking important road miles?

Professional Saddles

Then professional saddles will be a great choice for you. Professional saddles are long and has smaller padding than cushioning saddles. This is because the bike places you in a tucked position which helps your legs transfer the maximum amount of strength without chafing.

If you’re new to cycling, get a paddle with a softer cushion to keep you comfortable as your body gets used to the shape of professional saddles.

Mountain-Specific Saddles

When mountain biking, your body goes in multiple positions. For example, you’ll either ride with your body completely tucked forward, perched back, or in a standing position.

Mountain-Specific Bike Saddles

You’ll need a mountain-specific saddle because it has enough cushioning to aid your sit bones while having a streamlined shape that helps with your general movement.

Crank Arms

Also known as the crankset, crank arms are used to help cyclist switch their gears properly. Having a good crank arm is like a good transmission in your car. The better the quality, the faster you are at switching bike gears to your liking.

Crank Arms

Your bike’s crank arm is measured in millimeters. The crank arm measurements are usually found in the interior of the crank arm, and it’s matched to your frame’s geometry size. Make sure that you have the correct crank arm in order for you to reach your maximum speed while biking.

Pedal Straps

Pedal straps keep your feet planted onto the pedals on your bicycle. This is important because it helps you ride bike faster and safer than without one.

Bike Pedal Straps

When searching for a pedal strap, make sure that it fits your foot size. Doing this ensures that your feet will remain in position and stable during the rest of your exercise.


We believe that bike accessories are great addition to your daily exercise. They give you the ability to customize the bike to your personal preferences. Ultimately, you should pick a few biking accessories you want to buy if you want to utilize your exercise and train to become a better cyclist.

Do you have any experience with using any bike accessories?

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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