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Elliptical Machines Hub

For some people, low-impact exercise is the best exercise. Whether that’s due to physical issues, or just personal preference, elliptical trainers offer a virtually no-impact way to get a full-body cardio exercise in a stationary manner.

Elliptical machines work like the name suggests: in an elliptical fashion, using rotations. This means foot platforms that revolve in a circle, similar to pedaling on a bike, only with more back and form movement. Most elliptical machines have handles that work in the same way, moving back and forth in harmony with the pedal action.

Like treadmills and exercise bikes, an elliptical machine lets you perform the aerobic exercise without actually moving, providing the convenience of working out in a controlled environment, in place. Not only that, the majority of elliptical machines work out your arms and legs at the same time, creating a more encompassing workout.

If you need effective low-impact cardio exercise or want a way to mix things up from your other aerobic workouts, an elliptical machine is the best way to go.