Stationary Bikes As Electricity Generators

  • June 28, 2017
Exercise Bikes As Electricity Generators

When you place a generator to your exercise bike, you store the electricity produced during your workout.

​This stored electricity can be used to power up your TVs, phone chargers, and other electronic appliances.

With a bit of inside knowledge, you can turn your daily workout routine into an eco-friendly activity.

How Much Electricity You Can Get From A Stationary Bike?

Understand that electricity output is measured in watts. A fit biker can generate up to 100 watts in one workout session. More experienced bikers can create 400 watts in an hour.

Assuming that this is an intensive hour of exercise, the average person will produce about 100 watts in an hour. That measures up to one-tenth of a kilowatt hour (1 kW = 1000 watts).

Man Sitting At Desk Exercise Bike

With the electricity produced during an hour of workout, we can power a 100-watt incandescent light bulb for at least an hour.

Also, you’ll be able to power a 20-watt fluorescent bulb for about five hours. Generating electricity from your stationary bike is a fast and efficient way to power small household appliances.

How Does It Work?

To begin producing energy from your bike, you’ll want to purchase a small generator. Attach it to the back of your bike before you start your next workout.

With each pedal rotation, there is a force that is created. That force is then converted to an electrical current that’s picked up by the generator. When you increase your speed, you also increase the amount of electricity being produced.

As we’ve stated earlier, a 30-60 minute workout will generate at least 100 watts of electricity. This power can be stored in 12-volt batteries which can be used to power electronic appliances via a power converter.

History Of Stationary Bikes As Electric Generators

The first known electric generated bike started in 1881. Gustave Trouvé created a British tricycle that used a lever to help produce electricity. It was the first model of an electric bike, and lead to a multitude of future iterations to be designed.

1881. British Tricycle

As time progressed, so has the technology behind electrically powered bikes. By 1993, Yamaha created their own electric powered bike with its own Pedal Assist System. This made it easier for users to ride the bike while also generating electricity during their exercise.

By 1995, modern bikes were invented. These bikes are powered by a small generated placed behind the bike or on the bike frame. Now, it’s easy to generate electricity within 30 minutes due to the advanced technology behind today’s power generators.


Having an electric bicycle is a great tool to have in your home. It allows you to lose weight while also conserving energy. Use an electrically powered bike if you want a powerful tool that helps you get a good workout at the same time.



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