Electric Exercise Bikes Guide

  • June 17, 2017
Electric Exercise Bikes Guide

If you are wondering what kind of exercise equipment would be ideal for your home gym, you may be interested in an exercise bike.

If you are a fan of cycling, you will certainly enjoy using an exercise bike. In fact, even if you cannot ride a bike, using an exercise bike to achieve your exercise goals is still an enjoyable experience.

You will find that there are several types of exercise bikes, and their features all vary. When searching for an ​stationary bike, it helps immensely to know exactly what you want out of your product, so you do not end up with buyer's remorse. Fortunately, we are here to help outline some of the more crucial differences.

What Is An Electric Exercise Bike?

An electric exercise bike is an exercise bike which uses a preprogrammed course to offer different levels of pedal resistance. This is opposed to the typical resistance exercise bike which varies its resistance based on how hard you pedal.

Electric Exercise Bike Uses

This is due to the electric exercise bike using an electric motor to provide resistance to the pedals instead of mechanical resistance.

Why You Should Opt For An Electric Exercise Bike

Electric exercise bikes tend to feature more amenities than resistance exercise bikes due to their electric functioning. This allows the user to more easily track their progress regarding distance traveled, calories burned and a whole host of other variables.

Also, you will find that electric exercise bikes are superior in regards to position setup, allowing a greater degree of variety. Where resistance exercise bikes are only available in the upright variety, you will find electric exercise bikes available in either recumbent or upright positions.

Recumbent exercise bikes are superior in some ways to upright exercise bikes, especially when it comes to the level of strain on your knees. This makes them ideal for people who are recovering from injuries or surgeries, such as customers in rehabilitation.

Benefits Of An Electric Exercise Bike

Electric exercise bikes are superior in many ways. Mostly, it is due to the automated course function. This allows you to work out without paying as much attention to your pedaling as you would have to with a mechanical model.

Whereas mechanical resistance varies based on the speed at which you pedal, electric exercise bikes change their resistance based on a predetermined course that you may select while you are exercising.

Electric Exercise Bike Benefits

You may also choose to set your course before you begin your exercise, this allows you to work out more efficiently.


To conclude, electric exercise bikes are not all that different from their mechanical counterparts. It only depends on what kind of features you prefer.

If you like to track your progress, an electric model would be ideal. If you prefer a more realistic feel, reminiscent of real biking, choose a mechanical model.

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