Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Yes4All Dumbbells Set


​Around $200 - Available on

​Set weight (lbs)

​40, 50, 52.5 , 60, 105 to 200


​An excellent choice to perform a variety of workout exercises, it has durable cast iron plates for lifetime use.

​Our rating



To get gym quality workout equipment for your home, and enjoy the benefits of working out with the best of the best, Yes4All have the product for you. This set of adjustable dumbbells allows the user to cater their own workout plan to suit their fitness goals, with a comfortable and reliable product.

Coming in a range of sizes beginning at 8 pounds and going all the way to 200 pounds, there’s a set here to suit every fitness level.

For a serious workout, why not try a few different sizes to help you work out each muscle group to the best of your ability. Weight training is hands down the most effective way to tone and bulk up, and this is the dumbbell set to help you achieve it.

A Gym Quality Product In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Yes4All Dumbbells Set

Yes4All have been long regarded as a leader in home gym equipment, and their dumbbell set doesn’t disappoint. These cast iron dumbbells feature solid chrome handles with a textured surface which mean you can get a comfortable and reliable grip every time.

The holes on some weight plate fit a bar with a diameter of 1.15” and the dumbbell handle has a 1.15” diameter too. On other weight plate fit a bar with a diameter of 1” and the dumbbell handle has a 1” diameter. 

Each set comprises of a different range of weights, so you have the freedom to adjust them to suit your personal workout plan. Simply unscrew the weight when you’re ready to change and replace it with the new size, it couldn’t be easier.

Some Disadvantages

These dumbbell sets from Yes4All are certainly in the more affordable range when compared to other dumbbells, however, you do get what you pay for.

The paint leaves quite a strong odor on your hands so this might affect sensitive noses during a workout. This paint also chips off after some use so you need to be cautious when handling the weight sets that you don’t do any damage.

The Verdict

The Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbell Set is the perfect addition to your home gym. With the ability to adjust the weight sizes, they’re great for beginners and professionals alike. Changing the weights couldn’t be easier, and they feel durable enough to stay put through any type of workout.

These dumbbells from Yes4All offer a great mid-range product, far greater quality than you’d find in a store but not quite as good as a professional gym setting. The paint is the main issue as it can chip and come off during use, which can be quite irritating for the user.

Overall, when you consider the price and the versatility you can get from just one set, the Yes4All Dumbbell Set is great value for money. If you’re looking to equip your gym with quality dumbbells but don’t want to break the bank, click here to purchase your own set.