How A Simple Cardio Workout Each Day Can Change Your Life

How A Simple Cardio Workout Each Day Can Change Your Life

  • March 2, 2018
How A Simple Cardio Workout Each Day Can Change Your Life

Cardio has remained one of the most popular forms of exercise for many years thanks to its proven results on both body and mind.

Cardio is so versatile that it can incorporate a range of exercises including running, cycling, swimming, dancing, aerobics, and rowing, provided that you keep your heart rate up.

A cardio workout can be fully customized to each’s fitness level, and the intensity can be increased as your stamina and strength increase too.

Cardio should play a part in every workout routine, even if you’re only interested in sculpting and toning muscles, so it’s not just for losing weight.

What Is A Cardio Workout?

Cardio refers to your cardiovascular system which consists of the heart and blood vessels. A cardio workout is simply one which works and strengthens this system. The best cardio workouts are those that get your heart rate pumping at 50 – 75% of your maximum heart rate and test your endurance.

best cardio workout

The best thing about cardio is that it can be applied to just about any type of exercise, so long as your heart rate is reaching this optimal level. You can dance, walk, run, swim, or cycle, and you’ll be giving yourself a great cardio workout every time.

With many people shying away from expensive gym memberships and personal trainers these days, cardio is one of the easiest workouts to do from home or at your local park. A cardio workout at home should be exciting and motivating but always push you to your absolute limits.

Best Cardio Workout At Home

For a fat burning cardio workout that you can do at home, give these exercises a try:

HIIT Cardio Workout

HIIT sessions refer to a style of workout that incorporates short bursts of intense rounds with more frequent recovery periods. The idea behind this form of exercise is that you can get the same results from your workout in half the time.

hitt cardio workout at home

You can mix and match exercises such as a kettlebell cardio workout or skipping rope to provide a great variety of activities.


If you feel that walking has gotten you as far as you can go and want to take it up a notch, running is one of the most effective cardio workouts available.

running as cardio workout method

A 30-minute run each day will hit your cardio quota and aid significantly in rapid weight loss.


Aerobics can be performed in many ways, and many people enjoy the fun factor to take their mind off the fact they’re exercising.

aerobic cardio workout

You might want to put on an aerobics DVD or take a class at your local gym, but whichever way you do it will certainly get your heart rate up.


Who knew cardio could be so much fun? Dancing is the perfect way to keep active doing something you love. Some people choose to let loose and dance in the privacy of their home while others might like to take up a class.

dance cardio workout

Just make sure you keep active for at least 30 continual minutes to get the effects of this cardio workout.

Cardio should be tailored to meet your interests and fitness levels, which will allow you to remain motivated and committed to your fitness plan. Another great advantage of cardio is that it can be done on your own, with a partner, or in a large group, so it is versatile.

What Results Can You Expect From A Cardio Workout?

Other than the obvious overall health advantage, there are a few specific outcomes of regular cardio exercise. By sticking to a regular exercise plan that incorporates at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise each day, your body will begin to benefit from:

Weight Loss

Perhaps the number one reason why people decide to take up cardio, this form of exercise is proven to aid in rapid weight loss when coupled with a healthy eating plan. Just 30 minutes of cardio per day for at least five days a week will be all the exercise you need to kick-start your weight loss journey.

weight loss journey with cardio workout

Increased Stamina

When you first start your cardio workout, you may find that you quickly become fatigued. As time progresses though you’ll increase your stamina and be able to exercise for longer periods. This stamina will carry through your day and give you the energy you never thought possible.

Better Mood

Cardio workouts will release endorphins into your body and give you an instant mood boost. Also, exercise is a great way to get rid of extra tension and anxiety that may be building throughout your day.

cardio workout for happy life

Longer Life

According to the Mayo Clinic, those who take part in regular cardio exercise each day are likely to live longer than those who don’t. Once you incorporate daily cardio into your life, you’ll find that you just can’t live without it.

Prevent And Manage Other Illnesses

Regular cardio exercise can help prevent your likelihood of developing serious illnesses such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. If you already suffer from one of these ailments, cardio can help in managing the severity of the disease.

healtyh life with cardio workout

The Verdict

Cardio should be the basis for any solid workout routine, and because of its adaptability, it can be customized to meet any fitness level or for any age group.

The best cardio workouts are ones that will excite and challenge while keeping your heart rate pumping at its optimal level.

Hailed as the number one form of exercise for weight loss, a high-intensity cardio session will boost your metabolism and burn off calories with ease.

Whether you’re doing cardio gym workouts or cardio workouts at home, you can be sure you’re building your stamina and endurance with every session.

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